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Dear Entrepreneurs,

You’ve no doubt heard that content is king.

Bill Gates said this was true back in 1996! Now in 2017, it’s even truer. It’s vital you are able to stand out. Which means:

Amazing Content is King.

There’s just one problem.

Crafting Great quality that STANDS OUT and offers value to your audience is incredibly time-consuming to create.

From mind-numbing keyword research, to skillfully writing the content itself.

Then you need to find images and optimize the article.

Oh, and do SEO so it ranks in the search engines.

And once you’ve finally finished, what next?

That’s right, you have to do it ALL again

A Never-ending Cycle.

And that’s without getting into paid traffic to get more eyeballs on your stuff.

Any Niche, Any Product, Any Offer This Plain Works!

So Simple ANYONE Can Do It.

We are all told that good quality content leads to increased engagement, leads & profits from your site’s visitors…

Google REWARDS You Too

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Like You,  I’ve Spent Way Too Many

  Hours AND Dollars On Tools And Training's  

  • Countless hours on research.
  • Thousands of dollars on outsource'rs.
  • Bought a ton of stock images.
  • Spent until the early hours in Google’s Keyword Planner.

All the While, Getting Confused Overwhelmed and Frustrated...

Quality Content and Traffic

Without Paying A Single Cent For Ads!

That’s why I wanted to figure out a Stupid EASY way of updating my sites with ZERO effort on my part.

And I didn’t want to pay someone ‘hourly’ to do it for me… EVERY single time.

I thought… Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to Completely FILL up my sites & blogs with AMAZING, AUTHORITY Content… that will drive my website visitors to my Facebook Fan Pages and vice versa.

That’s Why I’m SO Proud To Introduce…


So WHO Is ‘SociConnect’ For?

Any Marketer these days KNOWS that having Active Sites with Authority Content leads to FREE Organic Traffic. Why? ‘Cause Google LOVES seeing that AND keeps track of the Time visitors stay on your site. The Longer the Better, and you REAP the Benefits with Niche Specific TRAFFIC. Our Testing has shown Positive Results in these areas:

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Forget Spending Hours Trying to Optimize your Sites for SEO

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To Prove How Quick and Easy This is:

NOW… You’ll never have to concern yourself or hire someone
to create AND update your sites with High Quality Content.

Here are the Examples

of Sites Built using WPSociConnect:

With SociConnect

  • Leverage ANY Facebook Fan Page’s content
  • Save Hours on research
  • Never have to write a post again
  • No more money wasted on outsourcing

Say Goodbye to Paid ads Forever.

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Look At What People Are Saying

About Sociconnect

Firas Alameh

I like to not do anything too technical for my Marketing, that’s why my Facebook Fan-Pages are getting all my efforts these days and I’ve Hired someone to maintain my sites and it’s costing me A LOT.

Love how SociConnect now is saving me Thousands a month as I don’t need someone else to do something I found a bit too technical & tedious, before this plugin made everything better! Thank you!

Firas Alameh Internet Marketer
Igor Burbon

With SociConnect you can take Facebook’s hot viral content and put it on your sites. Add your own ads with affiliate links and you’ve got a money-making site in literally just a few minutes.

This plugin is a must-have for anyone with a website!

Igor Burbon
Tim Verdouw

Hey guys, great job by implementing the Facebook system into your website.

This is a great way show your Facebook page and offers to people that are not on Facebook. Well done!

Tim Verdouw

100% Money Back Guarantee

And of course…WPSociConnect is 100% guaranteed, if you try our software, use it and don't think it's one of the coolest apps you've ever seen. Just ask us for your money back . . . and we'll refund your payment.

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Avoid Waiting for Results

You’ll be getting them in minutes with SociConnect.

SociConnect is a WordPress plugin that allows you to pull content from any Facebook Fan Page and post it on your on WordPress site or blog.

That’s right. You can Grab AUTHORITY Content from ANY Facebook Fanpage. (Doesn’t even have to be yours!)

You can even sprinkle in your own Ads and ANY other scripts you’d like IN SECONDS.

Want to implement AdSense? Banners? Opt-in forms?

Not problem.

In fact, in a few minutes, you could already have your website FULL of quality content already.

Look, you have a choice today.

Do nothing. Continue spending all your free time on content creation…

Or for a small sum, get back that most precious resource that you wanted more of when you first came online….


The choice is yours.

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SociConnect Basic

SociConnect Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this on any Facebook page?

    Yes, SociConnect works with any Facebook page.

  • I'm not a techy, is this easy to use?

    Of-course, we have made SociConnect to be as simple and easy as it could get.

  • What version of Wordpress does it support?

    SociConnect can work on WordPress platform 3.0 or higher.

  • What if I want to use it on more than 100 websites?

    Get Unlimited license which includes unlimited site installs.

  • Can I install this on a client’s website?

    If you want to get the developer rights, in the pro version upgrade we have that included.

  • When does the discount ends?

    On 8 June 2017 the price will be changed to $67